Our strategy

Maria Consultancy is responsible for Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Development

  • Coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment of UK, EU and International students
  • Carrying out central admissions functions at both undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Developing and coordinating widening participation activities across the institutions
  • Developing and managing international partnerships and agreements
  • Supporting Faculties and Schools in meeting their student recruitment targets
  • Conducting school/college HE fairs, postgraduate recruitment fairs; providing specialist presentations as requested;
  • Organizing the Universities, colleges-wide Open Days; Running the central Parents' Sessions and weekly Guided Tours; coordinating visits to the Universities and colleges.

Student Admissions

Maria Consultancy is responsible for co-coordinating the University's undergraduate and postgraduate admissions activities and for advising on relevant policy matters. We work closely with staff based in faculties and schools across the University and also with schools, colleges and other external agencies.

More specifically, the office’s work involves:

  • Co-ordination of central admissions functions including contact with UCAS and other external agencies, processing of undergraduate applications received through UCAS, data entry of paper applications for postgraduate study and organization of Confirmation and Clearing
  • Development of admissions policy; provision of advice and training for staff on admissions policy and processes; development of good practice in admissions

If you are an applicant, please also refer to the main www.mariaconsultancy.co.uk website or Contact us for further information about Admissions and the work of the Student Admissions team

Student Recruitment

The work of the Student Recruitment Staff primarily involves:

    • The central promotion of the Universities and colleges that are in panel list through attendance at Higher Education Conventions at locations across the UK and Overseas.
    • Attending school/college HE fairs, postgraduate recruitment fairs
    • Providing specialist presentations as requested
    • Organizing the Nation-wide Open Days
    • Running Accommodation Tours and Guided Visits
    • Co-coordinating visits to the Universities and Colleges.

Maria Consultancy Staff is also offer an advice and guidance service to individual subject areas upon request.

Maria Consultancy Team continually assesses the activities offered and attended to ensure that organization continues to generate sufficient applications and acceptances from outstanding students to meet both undergraduate and postgraduate targets, including the use of systematic identification, targeting, recruitment and conversion activities.

If you are an applicant, please refer to the main www.mariaconsultancy.co.uk website or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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