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Maria Consultancy Services is a rapidly developing company and is one of the few companies that completely specialises in overseas education services and advice. Maria Consultancy Services offers a large range of outstandingly managed services from pre-admission through to arriving at the country of study. Maria Consultancy Services delivers each of these services tailored to meet the needs of the individual student and make sure they are fully equipped with the knowledge needed to begin their studies. It is this service that makes such a Maria Consultancy Services unique company as well as the reason that it is one of the fastest developing education consultancy companies around.

At its core, Maria Consultancy Services provides advice and assistance to Students pursuing education within educational institutions based in the USA, the UK and Australia and hopes to expand to more countries in the near future. Maria Consultancy Services works side by side with several leading universities and intuitions within the UK, USA and Australia and helps its students with the admissions processes of these institutions. This is coupled with Maria Consultancy Services well-organised infrastructure and its dedicated team who have immense experience within the education industry. Maria Consultancy’s goal is to bring affordable and attainable education to the doorstep of every aspiring student and to meticulously promote foreign education to every city in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and many other countries. Our core consultants are all highly educated and well cultured and have a vast experience of the world and our managers have qualifications from top British and American universities. Our central offices are based in the cosmopolitan cities of London and Islamabad.

In addition, Maria Consultancy Services plans to open further offices in the U.S, the UK and Australia. The cornerstone of the company is diversity and the sharing of culture and all our consultants adhere to this and are dedicated to helping students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and many other countries Maria Consultancy Services utilises a highly skilled panel of advisors and experts who use their expert knowledge to deliver a high quality of advice on overseas education. This will undoubtedly give the company the edge over other education consultancies as the company expands and grows.

We can use all our resources to show how perfect we are but by the end of the day the only thing that matter is what our students think of us. Here are some of the thaughts from our students.
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